As part of our all in one service, RPS Company Services Ltd is the sister company to Roman Pools Ltd a family run business, who specialises in maintenance and aftercare. Ensuring that your pool is kept in a good condition all year round.

Once your pool has been completed, we at RPS Company Services will be happy to book you in for regular maintenance from the outset. This will guarantee less risk of breakdowns and will decrease your repair costs but also give you the peace of mind that all your needs are taken care of.

A typical maintenance visit will consist of the following:

  • Brushing of Pool cover

  • Vacuuming of pool floor (if required)

  • Brushing of pool floor & walls

  • Cleaning of Skimmer Baskets

  • Testing of chemicals (Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Turbidity, Salt, Calcium Hardness, Bromine, Cyanuric Acid, TDS)

  • Raking of any surface debris

  • Backwashing of filters

  • Visual check of entire pool filtration system for any malfunctions. This could involve Air Source Heat Pumps and Air handling units for indoor swimming pools & Boilers.

  • Addition of chemicals necessary to achieve water quality conforming to industry standards and legal requirements.

  • If installed by Roman Pools LTD an inspection of a below ground submersible pump will be carried out on maintenance visits


  • Supply and install all pool plant room equipment such as, filters, pumps etc
  • Supply a wide range of chemicals and accessories
  • Open and close pools
  • Jet washing patios, decking and coping stone
  • Regular maintenance contracts as well as one-off maintenances, for pools that need TLC
  • Refurbs – whether it be updating plant room equipment or replacing mosaics in the pool for a new look
  • Supply safety covers, slatted covers, bubble covers or spa covers
  • Mid-winter checks once pool has been shut down